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Dr. AnnaBurrows - Medical Specialist in Gynaecology

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Dr. Anna Burrows

Medical Specialist in Gynaecology

For all appointments and enquiries, please call (07) 3831 1877

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Dr. Anna Burrows

Level 3, Wickham House
155 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill Q 4000

Wickham Terrace Surgical Centre

Office hours: 8.00 AM till 4.40 PM Monday – Friday

Tel: (07) 3831 1877
Fax: (07) 3831 1977

Bus easy access to all city routes
5 minutes walk from Central Station towards Wickham Terrace
Wickham Terrace Surgical CentreWickham Terrace Surgical CentreWickham Terrace Surgical Centre

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