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Dr. AnnaBurrows - Medical Specialist in Gynaecology

Pre & Post Operation

We Participate In Known Gap Billing. Please Check Your Fund To See If You Are Eligible.

Pre Operation

We will arrange a date for your surgery/day surgery.

Please attend the following prior to your admission date:

  • Carefully read the surgery information and quote provided by the receptionist at the time of booking – it includes medicare item numbers, date of procedure, anaesthetist, and information regarding the intended procedure
  • We will have booked you on Dr Burrows’s theatre list – but you need to confirm your admission/health fund details with the hospital bookings office. This is done on line by clicking on the Wesley Hospital Online Admission, or alternatively call (07) 3232 7777 between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday
  • If you have any queries as to your level of private health cover, anticipated excess fees etc., phone your private health fund, and quote the item numbers provided in your surgery information given to you by our receptionist
  • Admission time – phone the office (07) 3831 1877 and we will confirm your hospital admission time, 2 working days prior to the intended date for surgery
  • Consent form will be completed with Dr Burrows
  • On the day of admission – bring
    • Health fund and medicare details
    • Your copy of your consent form
    • Your ultrasound, or X-rays
  • On the day of admission
    • Bathe/shower and wash your hair at home
    • Do not use any powder, deodorants or creams
    • Do not wear make-up, jewellery or nail polish
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 24 hours before surgery
    • Bring a small secure bag for your belongings
    • Wear two piece loose fitting clothing

Post Operation

  • After your surgery Dr Burrows will speak with you, or in some day case surgery leave a message for you regarding the outcome
  • You will receive detailed post-operative written instructions
  • You will usually be required to make a post-operative appointment – Dr Burrows will advise re timing
  • If you have any concerns please phone the rooms on (07) 3831 1877 during office hours
  • In case of after-hours emergency, you can contact/visit the Wesley Emergency Centre via 3232 70000 – they have my contact details if required